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Meet the Seasons!

Susie is a beautiful retro caravan, a 1967 Carlight Cassetta. She has been lovingly restored and converted into a full kitchen. Susie serves fresh, seasonal, British food at markets, events and private parties around the Surrey Hills.

Now meet Kate, her owner. Surrey-born Kate is a self-taught cook and long-time food lover. Kate practiced commercial law in her twenties, before realising she was too much of a people-person to spend many, many hours sat at a screen writing contracts (and she loved food too much not to work with it every day!). Kate now spends her days cooking in Susie's kitchen and seeking out quality, artisan suppliers for Susie's deli store.

Kate named Susie after her first pet, a scruffy little dog who was full of personality and absolutely lived for FOOD!

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