Our Suppliers

We spend a long time choosing the high quality, local and artisan producers we work with.
And we think they're pretty great!


​​Cobble Lane Cured

High welfare British meat, made by hand into delicious cured meats in Islington. Their Nduja is just superb! A firm favourite in our gourmet toasties and available to buy in our deli store.

SODT Bakery

​Quality, artisan breads, from sourdoughs to cornbread, with a wonderful range of ryes in between. Baked in Petworth, West Sussex, these loaves are a key component of Susie's signature toasties!

​​Secretts Farm

Just two miles from our place of business, this long-running farm pick their fantastic fruit and vegetables for us on the same day we order it - as fresh as it gets and zero waste. Just fantastic.


Susie Eats The Seasons

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